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It would cost $2,000 to buy a complete Hearthstone card collection

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Hearthstone offers plenty of ways to gather new cards, both paid and free. Of course, it all comes down to picking up random drops from card packs and sometimes using dust from those drops to craft new cards. But if you wanted to buy your way into owning every single card in the game, what would it take? Apparently, a little under $2,000.

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That’s according to redditor IComeBaringGifs, who comes bearing a load of research on Hearthstone card drops based on weeks of samples from pack opening simulator Packr. The results assume you’re disenchanting every golden card you get in favor of dust for more practical variations. Here are the final results.

The numbers up top are collections of packs, ensuring you’re reaching the required number of packs with the most efficient spending possible. There’s an extra $20 in the total that comes from a purchase of the One Night in Karazhan expansion, leaving us with a total average of $1,870.

It’s not as simple as “it costs nearly $2,000 for a Hearthstone collection,” of course – and that’s even discounting the estimated six years of regular play it would take to gather all those packs for free. A pretty small number of the total cards are actually viable when you’re trying to stay competitive, and you’d only need a fraction of the total selection to build a few viable decks – even with a new expansion on the way.