You can now share and import Hearthstone decks with text codes


Because everything is better with friends, Hearthstone is embracing the ‘sharing is caring’ ethos and introducing a couple of new features to make playing the game with friends a little bit better in an upcoming update.

Until the update comes out, check out our best Hearthstone decks for beginners for deck inspiration.

The first of these features is that quests – the primary way of racking up gold without spending some cash – can now be completed against friends as well as in other modes. No longer are you forced to make a deck that can stand up to the might of matchmaking, something very silly will work in Friendly Challenges.

The big addition, though, is that sharing decks just became a whole lot easier. Instead of having to screenshot or type out a full 30-card deck, you can copy it to your clipboard, so that it can be easily shared. It includes the class, format, season, a list of every card in the deck, and, crucially, a code that makes it easy to share.

Simply copy someone else’s code, open up Hearthstone, create a new deck and the game will automatically ask you if you want to create that deck. This makes sharing both competitive and absurd decks very easy, and should also make it very easy for players to give the decks the pros use a shot.

This update will come around “in the coming weeks”. You can see more details over on the official post. Now there’s no excuse for you to play that awful, awful deck of yours, because you can just easily copy someone else’s.