Hearthstone The Witchwood card reveal: Festeroot Hulk

Festeroot Hulk

Hearthstone’s Year of the Raven is nearly upon us, with its first expansion, The Witchwood, set to release next week. Ahead of its release, we’re exclusively revealing three Witchwood cards.

Here are all of the Hearthstone Witchwood cards revealed so far.

One of those cards is Festeroot Hulk, a 5-mana 2/7 Rare Warrior class card. When you first play it it doesn’t pack much of a punch, but it gains +1 Attack each time a friendly minion attacks.

Festeroot Hulk

Festeroot will work brilliantly with Charge minions (or alongside The Witchwood’s new Rush mechanic – which lets you buff Festeroot Hulk on the same turn you play it). It’s also great to play if you have control of the board, as your other minion’s attacks will power it up.

We’ve got two more exclusive Witchwood cards for you to check out. Mossy Horrorwill help you out with your board clear, while Splitting Festerootwill help you maintain board control into the late game.