Hearthstone Friendly Feud opens up quests to friend list fights from today


When you’re pressing the Threaten and Well Played emotes in equal measure, you know you’re involved in a Friendly Feud.

These here are the best Hearthstone decks there are.

The Hearthstone event runs for a week, starting today, and makes a bunch of quests and rewards usually only available in random match-ups winnable during fights with friends.

The idea is that you might recruit a friend or two to play Hearthstone for the first time: help them complete some quests, earn some gold, nab some packs, and maybe make a new customer for Blizzard.

Pretty much every Hearthstone quest there is can be completed during Friendly Feud, although wins won’t count towards golden heroes – the gleaming portraits awarded for 500 victories with the same character in Ranked Play.

Enter the Arena is also off-limits – because there are no friends in the Arena – and games vs the Innkeeper won’t count towards quest completion.

Once Friendly Feud finishes on July 25, a new quest named Friend Challenge will appear, in which a player picks out somebody from their friend list for a match. Once it’s done, both sides will be 80 gold richer. Which is always nice. Think you’ll get involved?