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You’ll have to leave the house to get Hearthstone’s newest hero

hearthstone nemsy warlock hero

Are you looking for a way to cute up your Warlock deck. Blizzard have just the thing, but you’re gonna have to be dedicated to get ahold of the new Nemsy Necrofizzle skin for your Warlocks. Dedicated enough to leave the house, even.

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Hallow’s End is coming to Hearthstone, and Blizzard are promoting a whole new set of Fireside gatherings for the event running from October 9 to November 5. Heading to an established Fireside gathering – that is, one with three or more unique patrons – will net you Nemsy for free if you participate in a Fireside brawl starting October 17.

Yep, that means leaving the house if you want to take home this adorable monster-riding Warlock. That’s worth it, right? You’ll also be able to grab that sweet, sweet Fireside Gathering card back.

The Fireside Brawl for October is Tag Team, which has 3v3 competitions with each team using a single device to participate.

You can find a local gathering – or find out how to host your own – at the official site.