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Hearthstone’s new-player experience will get much-needed changes “early next year”

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Ben Brode, the director of Hearthstone, says that his team are looking at improving the experience for new players. Replying to comments on Reddit, Brode said that the team should be able to make an announcement “early next year” about a new feature that would improve the early Hearthstone experience.

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In the thread, Brode was asked how he planned to make the game accessible for new players, given that it’s taking longer and longer to be able to afford meta decks. With 270 new cards released across two expansions in 2017 alone, the cost of keeping up to date with Hearthstone is increasing. On top of this, more expansions means it’s more difficult for new players to know how to make the right choice.

Brode didn’t have much to say on the matter, but he did say that he planned to announce something soon that would make at least some difference. In his comment, he says he’s “hoping to have something to announce that will help with these problems early next year. We have a lot of work to do on the new player experience, but some of these problems can be mitigated by matchmaking, to some extent.”

Brode’s matchmaking comments are relevant to the discussion, but it’ll take more than a few tweaks to how that works to fix the onboarding issues, and Hearthstone already gives new players a lot of ways to secure cards as cheaply as possible. It’ll be interesting to see what the team can come up with.

Elsewhere in the thread, Brode discussed the state of the game’s basic and classic cards, as well as changes to Fiery War Axe. You can read all of his comments here, courtesy of Hearthpwn. Alternatively, you can read about how Hearthstone’s success is holding it back.