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Hearthstone’s Oktoberbrawl starts today, with two new card backs for Twitch Prime users

hearthstone oktoberbrawl

It’s definitely not October just yet (don’t worry), but today does mark the start of Oktoberbrawl, Blizzard’s Hearthstone event pitting the entire community against each other while two teams of three players engage in a month-long battle for supremacy. Your prize for participating? Two unique card backs.

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Battles kick off today, with Team Void’s Dog, Thijs, and J4CKIECHAN taking on Team Light’s Kripparrian, Reynad, and Alliestraza. Each player starts with a fresh account for the battle, and support from the community will determine which team gets to pull from a pool of additional boosters.

Ultimately, this is a promotional thing for Twitch Prime. If you’re subscribed to the service you’ll get a pair of new card backs, one to support Team Void and one to support Team Light. Win matches with your chosen team’s card back, and you’ll contribute to their ability to get new boosters. (Also, you’ll have a couple of shiny new card back options.)

Oktoberbrawl runs through, you guessed it, October, with the finals taking place at TwitchCon. If you’re not a Prime member, you can still get in on the action with a free trial. And hey, two-day shipping from Amazon is nice if participation in a Hearthstone event isn’t enough for you.