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Hearthstone patch 8.2 lets you do quests with pals and import/export decks

Hearthstone patch 8.2

The latest Hearthstone patch just went live, adding in a bunch of new features to the online card battler. Post-patch, you’ll be able to complete quests with your friends and do a bunch of other exciting new stuff. 

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Elsewhere, you’ll be able to imitate your irritating enemies, as the import and export deck feature is finally live. Alongside all this are a raft of quality of life improvements. Here come the notes:

Hearthstone patch 8.2


  • Deck Importing – It’s now possible to copy and import Hearthstone decklists! It’s fast and easy to share your decklist with friends, or try the latest decklist from your favorite streamer, pro, or fansite.
    • Copy a deck by selecting the hero portrait at the top in your collection and pressing the copy button.
    • Hearthstone knows when a valid decklist is copied, and you’ll be asked if you want to use it when you create a new deck.
  • Quest with friends – Most quests can now be completed during Friendly Challenges with players on your Friends list.
  • We’ve added the following card back: The Magic of Dalaran – Acquired by achieving Rank 20 in Ranked Play in June.
  • When viewing “Pick a Replacement” from a deck recipe or imported decklist, the ghosted card on the left now takes you directly to Crafting mode.
  • It is now possible to refine searches in the Collection Manager with the ‘Type:’ and ‘Rarity:’ search tags.
  • Error messages received when searching the Collection Manager are now more helpful.
  • Golden cards and non-golden cards will now share the same slot in a decklist.
  • Ranked wins for each hero will now tally beyond 500.
  • Alternate Heroes, such as Maiev, will now have golden borders once 500 wins have been achieved for a Class.
  • You can now drag a golden card out of your Arena deck to “de-goldenize” it.
  • Deathwing and Bloodmage Thalnos have finally learned how to make an entrance.
  • Some game boards will become exclusive to Wild, and recently released boards will become more common in Wild matches.

Bug Fixes

  • Alarm-o-Bots drawn by Far Sight no longer maintain their cost reduction when returned to your hand.
  • Sherazin, Corpse Flower no longer counts transform minions, such as Shellshifter, twice when dormant.
  • Pyros now interacts correctly with effects like Spirit Echo and Getaway Kodo.
  • Fixed an issue where Sergeant Sally would only deal 1 damage to enemies when interacting with Crystal Core and Spiritsinger Umbra is in play.
  • Resolved several visual issues that could occur during play.
  • Resolved an issue where players could become stuck spectating.
  • Hearthstone now displays your total number of ranked wins on each hero. If you had over 500 you’ll now see your exact total.

New Tavern Brawl cards

  • Tag Team
  • Spot the Lethal (lethal puzzle)
  • Fire Festival

Midsummer Festival

  • Emotes:
    • Happy Midsummer Festival!
    • The Light shines this day! Happy Midsummer.
    • Light the pyres!
    • Happy Midsummer Fire Festival!
    • A grand Midsummer to you.
    • Happy Midsummer Festival.
    • Yes yes! Haha!
    • Hip hip, hooray!
    • Happy Midsummer! Beware of forest fires.
    • A festival for the elements!
    • Happy Midsummer.
    • Haha yes, YES!
    • Burn the fires.
    • Happy Midsummer Fire Festival!
    • Looking forward to the fireworks!