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Unused Hearthstone legendaries include multiplying 12/12s and endless arcane missiles

Hearthstone unused legendaries

In a fairly massive interview over at IGN, Mike Donais – one of Hearthstone’s principle game designers – has revealed all about the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan set, possible future plans as well as what didn’t make it in. Of note are the card designs that were scrapped, including some rather powerful legendaries.

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Here’s the list of what the team came up with that didn’t make the cut:

  • Cabal Leader – Neutral. 6 mana, 4/8.
    • At the end of your turn, fire an arcane missile for each unspent mana crystal.
    • Removed due to using an old version of the Kabal’s theme (unspent mana) and not being particularly good unless left on board for a turn.
  • Dios – Warlock. 9 mana, 12/12.
    • Battlecry: if you have no remaining mana, shuffle two copies of this into your deck.
    • Removed due to using the old version of the Kabal’s theme.
  • Endbringer – Warlock. 8 mana, 9/9.
    • Battlecry: Discard your hand. Summon any demons you discarded.
    • Ability moved to Krul, which uses the Reno mechanic.
  • Khajakus the Banished – Mage. 7 mana, 7/7.
    • Battlecry: if you have cast 10 unique spells, become Khajakus, Dragon Form.
    • Donais sadly doesn’t remember the dragon form, just that it was cool.
    • Eventually turned into Kazakus, which became a Kabal minion rather than a mage one.
  • Sin-Sor – Priest. 7 mana, 4/4.
    • Battlecry: Swap a random enemy minion with a random friendly one.
    • Replaced with the far more powerful Raza, as Priest needed the help.
  • Pang, The Unthinkable – Mage. 8 mana, 4/8.
    • When your spells deal damage to enemy minions, this minon deal that much to the enemy hero.
    • Not commented on, but seems madly overpowered with AOE unless coded to only trigger once per spell.

There’s loads more info in the interview itself, which is well worth a read. Fansite Hearthpwn also summarised all the facts in two articles.