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Hearthstone’s latest patch stops the game launching for some – here’s how to fix it


Hearthstone’s latest patch is a significant one, bringing a bunch of nerfs to Shaman and aggro decks, but the game is now bugged for many. If you’re struggling to launch Blizzard’s card game post-patch, luckily for you there’s this one weird trick to make it work. 

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The bug in question sees the following error message appear on your screen: “Unable to load mono libraryfrom ‘C:/Hearthstone/Hearthstone_Data/Mono/mono.dll’ (error = 126).”

To fix, follow these four steps:

  • Open the Battle.Net launcher.
  • Go to the Hearthstone tab.
  • Click the ‘Options’ drowpdown menu beneath the game’s title.
  • Select ‘Scan and Repair’ from near the bottom.

The game should now launch like normal, congratulations.

Thanks, PCGamer.