Nine-year-old’s drawing turned into unofficial Hearthstone card


Blizzard may have a top team of designers working on new Hearthstone cards but nothing compares to the imagination of a child.

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Twitter user John Tucci tweeted a picture to Blizzard of a Hearthstone card his nine-year-old daughter drew. The crayon-drawn card depicts the Leoparden, a cave-dwelling cat-like creature made of fur.

This inspired professional illustrator Kate Holden to create a mock-up of what the drawing would look like as an official Hearthstone card. The answer – pretty cool. Even Hearthstone director, Ben Brode, thought so.

The Leoparden is pretty over-powered, with 100/100, and is equally as vicious as it looks in the original concept art.

We look forward to seeing a Leoparden Hearthstone card in the future (hopefully).