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This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is a masquerade party


Hearthstone’s latest Tavern Brawl has gone live and it’s a bit more unique than other recent offerings. As always it’ll reward you with a free pack if you grab a win. It’s of the “build your deck and obey this special rule” variety – every time a minion dies, it is replaced by one that costs 2 less. That means it naturally stops at 1, obviously, but you get a lot more value out of your 2-4 drops and your 6s and above are effectively unkillable.

It also buffs removal effects that don’t destroy the creature. Stuff like Hex and Polymorph will still do what they do on the tin, where as my favourite shadow-words just mean more value for my opponents. Thankfully my Mind Controls, Shadow Madnesses and Shadow Priests are even better than before – a buff which, in my priestly opinion, they sorely need.

Anyway, get in there (everyone). My picks for good classes are Hunter and Warlock, due to already having viable aggro, and Priest, due to having the most powerful removal in the format.

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