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Exclusive Hearthstone card reveal – meet the new Rogues

Ahead of the new Hearthstone expansion, Whizbang's Workshop, PCGamesN has an exclusive look at four of the game's most mysterious cards.

Exclusive Hearthstone card reveal - meet the new Rogues: A blank Hearthstone card with a woman crouching, wearing a purple outfit and a black face mask on a blue background

The wonderful whimsical magic and mayhem of Whizbang returns to Hearthstone, this time in his own expansion, Whizbang’s Workshop. First introduced to the series back in 2018 as a unique legendary that gave players access to 20 different deck recipes in a single deck slot, Whizbang has held a special place in the hearts of Hearthstone fans.

This time, the inventor marks his return with an all-new Hearthstone expansion that will blow the doors open to his magical workshop and provide a window into the chaos within. Launching on Tuesday March 19, this expansion introduces 145 new cards to the card game – and we’ve got an exclusive look at four of them! Today, we’re revealing a set of Rogue cards, the best class in the entire World of Warcraft series, and boy are they a blast from the past.

A collection of four Hearthstone cards on a background with a blurred staircase

Here’s a list of the Rogue cards we have to reveal:

  • Minion: Sonya Waterdancer (Costs 4 Mana, Legendary, 3/3 Stats) – After you play a 1-Cost card, get a copy of it that costs (0).
  • Spell: Everything Must Go! (Costs 8 Mana, Epic) – Summon two random 4-Cost minions. Costs (1) less for card you’ve drawn this turn.
  • Location: The Crystal Cove (Costs 3 Mana, Rare) – The next minion you summon this turn has its stats set to 4/4.
  • Spell: Thistle Tea Set (Costs 2 Mana, Common) – Discover a spell from another class. Get a copy of it.

Our first card is Sonya Waterdancer, a legendary minion that will remind Rogue fans of the deadly Sonya Shadowdancer from the Kobolds & Catacombs set. Waterdancer costs one mana more than her Kobolds counterpart, and she boasts a powerful effect that gives the player a zero cost copy of any one-cost card they play. That’s right, any 1-cost card, meaning this applies to both spells and minions. Back in my day, this could be used for a deadly Cold Blood and Sinister Strike combo, but we’ll have to see how the community utilizes a powerful card like this in modern Hearthstone.

We also have two more oldies coming back to the future in a new form, the first of which is The Crystal Cove. This location card costs three mana and has three uses, giving the next minion you summon 4/4 stats. While it might not have the same power as The Crystal Core, it could be used to create some devastating board states with the right minions. Our other revamped spell is Thistle Tea Set. Coming in at two mana, you get to discover a spell from another class and instantly gain a second copy of it. Sure, this can’t be used to draw from your own deck this time around, but at least it’s cheap enough to play without getting killed immediately after using it.

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Finally, our last spell is Everything Must Go!, an eight mana spell that summons two random four-cost minions, but the spell costs one less for each card you’ve drawn this turn. Given the amount of card draw available to the Rogue in the past, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this being played as early as turn three if RNG is on your side.

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