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Heat Signature lets you mount rescue missions for your friends’ characters

heat signature friends list rescue

Heat Signature is finally here to share its procedural spacefaring shenanigans with the world. We’ve enjoyed it despite a little too much grind, and now that the game’s out for public consumption we’re about to see a bunch more of one of its unique features.

The developer’s last title has a lovely spot on our list of the best indie games on PC.

Each character you take into the procedurally generated galaxy has their own unique goal, and that goal can be to rescue somebody that’s captured. Sometimes, your target is a character from somebody on your friends list, and rescuing them means that character is now yours. (Sorry, no, you can’t give it back to your friend.)

On top of that, when your character reaches a certain level of accomplishment, you can retire them into the annals of galactic history. When you do that, you pick an item out of your inventory and name it, and it’ll show up as loot for both you and your friends in future games.

Of course, if you’ve got a friend who’s maybe naming all of their guns as various penis synonyms, maybe you’ll want to filter them out. Or maybe you want only their names in your game. Either way, you can filter whose stuff shows up in the game options, or turn off sharing altogether if this all sounds like too much internet.

It’s a neat layer on an otherwise single-player only game, and I’m looking forward to seeing the nonsense that results.