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Heat Signature developer says the “biggest risk of my life” has paid off big time

heat signature launch sales

Heat Signature released last week, and though we had a few issues with the game it’s been a largely delightful time. That’s why it’s terrific to see the game doing well. Very well, in fact far better than expected according to developer Tom Francis.

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Francis went into detail on how the game is doing on an official blog post. If you’re unfamiliar with the game’s development, then yes – it’s largely the work of a single person. He spent three and a half years along with £200,000 to create the game, and was prepared to drop it into an indie market completely saturated with indie games ranging everywhere from wonderful to terrible.

At best, Francis had hoped that Heat Signature would do half as well as Gunpoint, which released before the storm we now know as the “indiepocalypse.” Instead, in the first week it has already done better, with a number one spot on Steam at launch and a lengthy stay in the top ten in the days that followed.

Most of all, Francis has been pleased by the largely positive reception to the game, which he feared would be more polarizing given the degree to which you have to make your own fun. Stories are getting told in the game, fan art is being produced, and the first player trading card has already been produced.

Oh, also, don’t worry. You’ll totally get a shot at the Everything Gun even if you’re playing further down the line. If you want to jump in early, though, the clock is ticking to get the 10% discount on Steam, which ends tomorrow.