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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is only $29.99 - here’s why

Ninja Theory give Hellblade a bit of a rebrand

Update: We got in touch with Ninja Theory to ask if they knew what playtime to expect from Hellblade. While not settled on an exact figure just yet, a studio representative gave us a ballpark figure. 

“Although we haven’t finished balancing the game yet, our thoughts are that it is going to be 6-8hrs for a playthrough,” said product development manager Dominic Matthews in an email. 

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That seems like a fair length for the price, and it will be a welcome change from the raft of massive games cluttering up my backlog. I might actually have time to finish this one!

Original Story: Ninja Theory have announced the release date for Hellblade, their upcoming action game that follows the plights of a Viking shield-maiden suffering from psychosis. It’s finally releasing on August 8, and it will be half the price of a normal game.

The reason it’s priced so low is because Ninja Theory want to bring back the double-A game: a triple-A quality title that’s half the size of a normal game. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s looking impressive in the new trailer above, especially considering this is a game from a team of 20 people.

“We’re happy to announce Hellblade’s release date after three years of open and independent development,” said Ninja Theory co-founder and creative director Tameem Antoniades. “Hellblade has been all about trying to rejuvenate the space between ‘indie’ and triple-A, where games can be creatively rich but still boast triple-A quality. At around half the length of a similar triple-A game and half the price, we think Hellblade will give players a unique triple-A quality experience at a fair price.”

Another way they’re keeping costs down is by making it digital-only, which is hardly an issue for PC players these days is it? It’ll be available on both GOG and Steam. Ninja Theory are hoping you’ll support this pricing by pre-ordering the game.