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Hellblade’s main character hosted a live Q&A using future performance tech

Hellblade Q&A

Because Hellblade is being made by such a tiny team, Ninja Theory are having to come up with clever solutions to problems in order to get the game up to quality. Here’s one example: the lead character’s actress, the German-born Melina Juergens, is also Ninja Theory’s video editor, and she often puts videos together while still wearing the motion capture suit. 

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Another way the studio saves time and resources is how they record their acting sequences. They can be recorded in real-time, with Juergens acting out the performance and it immediately transferring into the game, which can then be tweaked after.

The studio are now using that magic tech for something else: they just hosted the first ever live Q&A with a videogame character. With Juergens off-screen, Senua stands with the Ninja Theory PR man and answers questions from the community. It’s pretty cool and you can watch it on Facebook.

Hellblade is about a Viking shield-maiden who’s losing a battle with her mind. Players have to fight through a world of myth, where it’s hard to tell what’s real and what is caused by the psychosis Senua is experiencing. It’s releasing on PC on August 8 and will cost $29.99.