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Hellblade footage shows the shattered longboats of a Celtic warrior’s damaged psyche


Did you hear? The latest Ninja Theory knockabout sim, Hellblade, is coming to the PC. Not only that, but the DmC studio are keen to take advantage of the freedoms offered by our fair platform – to run open betas, support mods, and push the looks of their fancy fighting games like never before. 4K support is under consideration.

“Art Style Tests can be thought of as in-game concept art,” ponder Ninja Theory. The implication being that this footage isn’t indicative of the eventual end state of their martial arts-infused Celtic myth. 

There are plenty of pointers as to where it might wind up, though. Hellblade stars Senua, a warrior traumatised by a Viking invasion. The hell of the title is the manifestation of her mental illness – hence the looming cabin in the woods, and the ship’s graveyard in which a snapped longboat rears its head.

Lighting and post effects have been kept to a minimum, apparently, so that the art can be twisted to numerous ends.

“Small digital dioramas are built to explore art styles and construction approaches,” explain the studio. “Effects and lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of the world.”

What do you make of their cave within a snowglobe?