Ninja Theory show off more of their magical, real-time cinematic techniques for Hellblade


Back at the Games Developer’s Conference earlier this year, Ninja Theory showed off one of Hellbalde’s in-game cinematics, but there was a twist – the actress was actually performing it all just off-camera, live, and it was being beamed into the game like magic. It was amazing. Now Ninja Theory are showing off just how they’re using that tech to make the game better. 

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AtSiggraph 2016, a videogames event where developers show offcomputer graphics and interactive techniques, Ninja Theory gave a demonstration.

Basically, the actress does her performance and it’s beamed directly into the game at high fidelity, with no tweaking. It gives the developers a better idea of what the finished product will look like.

From here, they can alter lighting, cameras and anything else they want, all in this living 3D scene. They can even merge scenes, and in the video we’re shown the actress interacting with a mirror version of herself, captured earlier and blended with the live footage. Just as before, it’s pretty mind-boggling. Is there anything the Unreal Engine can’t do?

On top of Hellblade’s incredible sound work, this could end up being one of the best cinematic games we’ve had. Let’s just hope the actual game bit holds up.

Here’s a video of the techniques: