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Spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead gets massive new update and demo

Hellbreach: Vegas looks to finally fill the zombie horde-shaped hole in our hearts, taking the best from Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood

Remember Left 4 Dead? So does everyone else, quite fondly, and yet nothing’s really managed to bring it back to the forefront, even spiritually. Back 4 Blood was a sorely mismanaged attempt, and all we’ve had otherwise has been Call of Duty’s Zombies modes. Thankfully, this could change with Hellbreach: Vegas, a solo-developed zombie –  sorry, demon – survival shooter that’s just received a huge update and a free demo, all while standing at an impressive 83% positive reviews despite being in Early Access. Referred to as ‘the end of Phase 1’ by its developer, Infinity Ape Studios, this update brings in several additions to refine the demon-slaying experience.

After its early access release in March, the co-op shooter survival game Hellbreach: Vegas has received its first update in the form of ‘Love’s Last Stand’. This adds an entirely new map, Vegas Chapel, a haunting locale in the heart of Vegas, decorated with statues of Elvis and populated by demons almost as terrifying as the capitalist hellscape around them.

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To combat them, the game has also received a new weapon in a crossbow, able to be loaded with both regular bolts and high explosive rounds. As the update’s name suggests, it also arrives with a variety of cosmetics themed after love – why not blow off a demon’s head with a bright pink shotgun, if you can?

Finally, in slightly less romantic news, the update also fixes performance issues across the board such as previously-reported stuttering and adds many quality of life improvements.

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