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Helldivers 2 dev discusses the possibility of bigger squads

One Helldivers 2 community manager has talked about how having more than four players to a squad would be a "lot of work" if they made it.

Helldivers 2 bigger squads: a space soldier in a grey helmet without a visor

The four-player squad limit in Helldivers 2 creates just the right amount of anarchy. Stratagems are falling from the skies, bullets are whizzing past your helmet from every direction, and in the midst of all the chaos you’re trying to communicate with your comrades without accidentally dropping an air strike on their shiny metal domes. So what would Helldivers 2 be like if there were more than four of you? Turbulent, to say the least.

Having bigger Helldivers 2 squads may be on Arrowhead’s radar, however, as one community manager says it’s something that would require a lot of work if the team “ever go down that route.” The co-op game might never drop more than four Helldivers onto a planet map at a time, but it sounds like something Arrowhead has at least thought about.

“The short answer is that I don’t know,” Arrowhead community manager Thomas ‘Twinbeard’ Petersson says on the Helldivers 2 Discord. “I do know that if we ever go down that route, it would require a lot of work. If it’s ever a thing (which I’m not at all sure it will be), it’s in the distant future.”

Helldivers 2 bigger squads

So I wouldn’t hold your breath for squads bigger than four any time soon, but it’s one of those hypotheticals I can’t help but be enamored by. We’d probably be looking at tweaks to existing difficulties or entirely new ones, alongside bigger maps and changed objectives I’d imagine, but even if not the chaos would be unmistakable.

Arrowhead is already incredibly busy trying to balance fixing bugs and making new Warbonds for Helldivers 2 though, so the possibility of bigger squads is way down the list in terms of priority. Still, it’s fun to dream up what it could look like.

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