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Helldivers 2 dev loves DLSS, but will always prioritize “more content”

Helldivers 2 creative director has shared his appreciation for Nvidia's upscaling solution but doesn't view it as the highest priority.

A Helldiver wearing white armor and brandishing a rifle, running against a blue sky

If you are hoping to see Helldivers 2 DLSS support make its way to the game anytime soon, you will need to adjust your expectations following comments made by its developer. However, your hopes of adding upscaling to your arsenal against the Automatons and Terminids are not entirely quashed.

Given how hectic Helldivers 2 can get, having a technology like Nvidia DLSS at your disposal to increase your frame rate would be invaluable, improving responsiveness and your chances of survival. For now, though, your only option is to run the game on the best graphics card you have in your armory, as the available upscaling options are somewhat lacking in fidelity.

Speaking on X (Twitter) in response to discussions on the lack of DLSS in Helldivers 2, creative director Johan Pilestedt shared his thoughts on the feature.

“I love DLSS and other performance boosting tech,” they say, “but when you are in a priority meeting and it’s more awesome content vs more tech the decision is easy.” With Helldivers 2 server issues now seemingly resolved, at least for now, Pilestedt has already highlighted some potential paths of new content, including armor customization.

Despite providing no ETA on when we can expect upscalers to make their way to Helldivers 2, Pilestedt has voiced their preference for launching DLSS 3 and FSR 3 simultaneously into the fray. This would be a welcome move, leaving owners of Nvidia and AMD GPUs with the means to boost performance and image quality.

Until that time, though, it seems like Helldivers 2 runs best on Nvidia graphics cards, so be sure to arm you and your PC with one if possible. If you’re thinking of upgrading your GPU, check out our RTX 4070 Super review for our pick of the perfect pixel pusher for most people.