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How to fix Helldivers 2 friend request not working

Here's a quick fix to try and play with friends cross platform in Helldivers 2 if the friend request action isn't working across PS5 and PC.

Helldivers 2 - four helldivers holding guns walking across a desert towards a group of eneimes

Having trouble inviting friends to your game in Helldivers 2? So far, Helldivers 2 has had its fair share of bugs and errors, though most have been ironed out, and the game continues to get updates, players are still having trouble inviting friends on different platforms to their game.

Arrowhead has confirmed they are working on a fix for the issue players are having with inviting friends in Helldivers 2, with the latest patch 1.000.103 not solving the issue. The bug itself prevents PC and PS5 players from accepting friend requests, stopping them playing together. There is however, a workaround that we’ve found that bypasses the screen where you send friend requests to cross-platform players.

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Helldivers 2 friend request bug fix

The solution was shared on Reddit, allowing you to play with your pals. You or your friend need to make an open lobby and the other players must find it manually on the planet. You can kick anyone that joins to make room, and once you’re all in, change the settings to invite only if you want to stop other players joining.

It’s not an ideal solution to the Helldivers 2 friend request bug, but hopefully we’ll get a fix soon so we can play with our console pals. If you’re having problems getting into the game, check out our Helldivers 2 server status guide on if there are any current issues.