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Helldivers 2 dev finally explains why it’s delayed the next big patch

Arrowhead is addressing its lack of communication over the upcoming Helldivers 2 patch changes, where we'll be seeing fewer of them.

Helldivers 2 patch delay: a man in black and yellow armor holding up a giant cannon

Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead has addressed the lack of communication over the next, delayed patch. The update is now expected sometime in the second week of June, as the team aims for a “higher quality standard” that also leaves room for communication with the playerbase. A hotfix has been rolled out for the newest Major Order, however, so you shouldn’t be overrun by bugs while trying to read the below communication.

Arrowhead has been talking about big Helldivers 2 patch changes for some time now. With Warbonds still dropping every month and fixes coming almost every week, the developer wants to slow that pace down to give everyone more breathing room. The co-op game is going to have fewer, more thought-out patches that not only give Arrowhead space but also let the team engage with player feedback in more meaningful ways; or at least that’s the idea.

To that end, Arrowhead apologizes to players for not making the reason for the patch cadence change clear, outlining it in more detail ahead of an upcoming blog post.

“You are right: we’ve slowed down our cadence for patches,” Helldivers 2 community manager Katherine ‘Baskinator’ Baskin writes.

Helldivers 2 patch delay: a Discord post from Arrowhead outlining patch cadence changes

“We’ll go into more detail about it in an upcoming blog, but the short version is that dedicating more time to each patch will allow us to provide a higher quality standard and reduce the pressure on our teams. At Arrowhead, the physical and mental health of the team is very important to us, and maintaining a long-term sustainable work pace is crucial for our developers and staff to avoid putting anyone at risk of burnout.

“Additionally, the cadence at which we were patching left us little time to engage with the community, or build Helldivers 2 alongside our players, in meaningful ways. This slower pace enables us to focus our energy more effectively, resulting in more impactful updates and a more enjoyable game experience for everyone.

“You are also right that we should have communicated this change more clearly from the start.”

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A new hotfix has rolled out after Arrowhead vowed to fix a new Helldivers 2 mission as well, so now the drill in Operation: Enduring Peace shouldn’t be swarmed by Terminids before you even get a chance to get to work.

I’ve been waiting to hear more about Arrowhead’s plan for the new patch cadence for some time, and I really hope the change lives up to what the team has planned. I prefer the idea of fewer, more impactful patches than rolling them out without really talking to players, especially considering how great Arrowhead has been at listening to its community so far.

While we await the next big patch, we’ve put together all the best Helldivers 2 weapons and Helldivers 2 stratagems to help you push back the enemy and fight for democracy.

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