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Helldivers 2’s most broken weapon finally getting the fix it deserves

The Helldivers 2 Spear stratagem support weapon has been a broken mess for months, but Arrowhead says a fix should be here real soon.

Helldivers 2 Spear fix: a brown space helmet on a lush green background

Since launch, the Helldivers 2 Spear support stratagem has been broken. The anti-tank missile launcher should help you take out Bile Titans, Automaton Fabricators, and other large enemies, but the haphazard lock-on feature, lack of ammo, and inconsistent damage output make it one stratagem you currently don’t want to waste the valuable 9,000 Requisition Slips on. That, however, is all about to change.

With so many Helldivers 2 stratagems to choose from, not every offensive option in is going to be at the top of the pile. I’ve found the co-op game to be more about experimenting with what works for any given scenario anyway, be that against bots or bugs, but there are still some weapons that aren’t even functioning as intended.

Helldivers 2‘s biggest offender in this regard is the Spear, as countless reports from the last few months show the rocket launcher struggling with lock-on and target prioritization, even when the player and target aren’t moving.

Arrowhead is aware of this, and while a fix didn’t make the big Helldivers 2 01.000.300 patch, associate community manager ‘Spitz’ says an improvement for the Spear is on the way.

Helldivers 2 Spear fix: Discord messages about the Spear weapon fix

“Update on the Spear fix: it was tentatively done a couple of weeks ago, but A) didn’t make the deadline date for the end-of-April build and B) is not completely functional according to our QA teams. It’s currently slated for the end of May build provided no other issues present with it.

“I just felt the need to clarify since I did promise that it’d be fixed sooner than it’s looking like it will be. That was my mistake. I didn’t realize how far ahead of schedule the weapons team was working.”

You can see the Spear not working as intended thanks to a YouTube video from ‘Roy’ below.

YouTube Thumbnail

As a live game, Arrowhead is constantly working on Helldivers 2 to fix bugs and provide content, so seeing the Spear finally working again soon isn’t a huge surprise. That said, I’ve seen reports of the Spear being a broken mess since February, the same month Helldivers 2 launched, so it’s good to finally hear more.

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