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Helldivers 2’s vanishing Super Credits are coming back, don’t worry

If your Helldivers 2 Super Credits keep vanishing, don't worry; Arrowhead Game Studios is looking into a fix to make sure you have them.

Helldivers 2 Super Credits fix: a super soldier in a black space helmet with a sunset behind him

A Helldivers 2 Super Credits fix is on the way, so if you’ve been having trouble seeing, and even spending, your hard-earned democracy dollars, developer Arrowhead Game Studios is looking at ways to get rid of the problem.

If you’ve been buying Helldivers 2 currency with your own real-world money, or tearing through hordes of bugs to try and claim some for free, you may have noticed that they’re disappearing when you try to spend them in the live service co-op game. Don’t worry, though, your credits haven’t actually vanished.

Arrowhead’s CEO has already talked about how Helldivers 2 isn’t pay-to-win, adding that other developers need to “earn the right to monetize.” Now the team is addressing a problem with some of that monetization: your purchased Super Credits disappearing.

Helldivers 2 Super Credits fix: a Discord message

“We have discovered the likely cause for some players not being able to access their Super Credits after purchasing and then rebooting the game,” community support team member ‘Misty’ says on the Helldivers 2 Discord.

“Your credits are there, but due to filtering issues in our system, they are not displaying correctly. Those affected include: Players purchasing Super Credits on PSN [and] Players purchasing the Steeled Veterans Warbond with Super Credits on both PS5 and PC.”

“We are working on a patch to solve this issue and we will update you when the fix is live.” There’s no ETA on the fix, but hopefully it’ll drop with the next round of patch notes.

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