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Here are all the new cards coming to Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas

Curse of Naxxramas

Curse of Naxxramas has added over 30 new cards to the game as well as introduced raiding, which will let players venture into the depths of Naxxramas. The raid itself will feature five wings – the first being free, and the rest requiring gold or real money – which will unlock progressively over the course of the next five weeks.

We’ve done some detective work and rounded up all of the cards, so you can start planning your new and improved Naxxramas themed decks. Which is your favourite?

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Anub’ar Ambusher Hearthstone Card

The Anub’ar Ambusher is a Rogue card. It’s a generous four mana minion with five attack and five health. When it dies, it triggers its Deathrattle ability which will return a friendly minion to your hand. Use it to reuse Battlecry minions or recast a minion close to death.

Avenge Hearthstone Card

Avenge is a Paladin secret which gives one of your friendly minions +3/+2 when another one of your minions dies. For only one mana, it’s especially useful for buffing a minion that has a strong effect when one of your weaker minions in the early game bites the dust. Very efficient, as long as you have more than one minion on the board..

Baron Rivendare Hearthstone Card

Baron Rivendare is one of legendary cards from Curse of Naxxramas. For four mana he’s got a puny one attack which is dwarfed by his seven health. Following the theme of the set, his unique affix allows all minions to trigger their Deathrattle abilities twice. That’s two 4/4 Nerubian spiders with the Nerubian Egg, but also draws two cards for your opponent with Dancing Swords.

Dancing Swords Hearthstone Card

Dancing Swords is a three mana minion which possesses a mighty four attack and 4 health. The trade off is that when it dies, the Deathrattle allows your opponent to draw an additional card. Ouch.

Dark Cultist Hearthstone Card

The Dark Cultist is three mana Priest card that has three attack and four health. The kicker is when it dies, it gives another friendly minion +3 health. Useful for buffing inherently weak minions or making your Taunt minions more tanky.

Death Lord Hearthstone Card

For only three mana, Death Lord commands a huge amount of survivability with eight health. Even if it only has a relatively small two attack, it can easily take care of any early aggression from rush decks. The trade off comes when it perishes: it puts a random minion from your opponents deck on the battlefield.

Death's Bite Hearthstone Card

The Warrior weapon Death’s Bite is almost a counterpart to the Paladin weapon Truesilver Champion. The only difference is that when it’s either destroyed or used up all its durability, it deals one damage to all minions on the battlefield. Very good in activating Enrage abilities.

Duplicate Hearthstone Card

Duplicate is a three mana Mage secret that’ll allow you to recycle your minions. When one of your minions dies it will trigger, and put two copies of it in your hand. This is best used with any minion that has a Battlecry ability so you can trigger it multiple times.

Echoing Ooze Hearthstone Card

The Echoing Ooze is a pesky card. Two mana for a puny one attack and two health, but at the end of every turn it will summon a copy of itself. Couple it with some minion buffs and maybe some Knife Jugglers and your opponent will be in trouble, fast.

Feugen Hearthstone Card

Feugen is our next legendary card. For five mana, you get a four attack and seven health minion. It’s pretty average at a first glance, but when paired with Stalagg it can produce explosive results. Keep reading to find out!

Haunted Creeper Hearthstone Card

Haunted Creeper is a two mana one health and two attack spider, and when it dies it summons two 1/1 Spectral Spiders. Since it’s a beast, this card Is a must have in a Hunter deck that’s running either Scavenging Hyena or Starving Buzzard.

Kel'Thuzad Hearthstone Card

The legendary Kel’Thuzad is an eight mana six attack and eight health minion, which also has an extremely powerful passive ability. At the end of the turn, it will summon back to the battlefield every friendly minion that died. It probably won’t last long because your opponent will want to remove it, but you can easily double up on any minions that have a Deathrattle ability.

Loatheb Hearthstone Card

Loatheb is another legendary card. It’s a straight five mana for a five attack and five health minion, but comes with an interesting Battlecry: enemy spells cost five more mana next turn. This can cripple decks that rely on comboing off cheap cards such as Rogues, or Mages that want to throw spells in your face.

Mad Scientist Hearthstone Card

The Mad Scientist is a two mana two attack and two health minon, that’s Deathrattle will put a Secret from your deck onto the battlefield. Whether you can manually choose which Secret is placed isn’t known, but if your deck has any it’s a good addition no less.

Maexxna Hearthstone Card

I hope your not afraid of spiders, because Maexxna is a mammoth arachnid with a deadly poison. For six mana you get a deceivingly weak two attack and eight health minion, but any minion that she damages is instantly destroyed. You’ll want to save your removal for this card.

Nerub’ar Weblord Hearthstone Card

Nerub’ar Weblord is a two mana minion with one attack and four health. It’s interesting ability is that it makes minions that have Battlecry abilities cost two more mana. This applies to both your and your opponent, so just remember that.

Nerubian Egg Hearthstone Card

Nerubian Egg is a two mana minion which at a first glance is relatively useless. It has zero attack and only two health. However when it is killed – via your opponent or yourself – it summons a Nerubian with four attack and four health.

Poison Seeds Hearthstone Card

Poison Seeds is an answer to a much wanted board clear for Druids. For four mana it destroys all minions on the battlefield, and replaced them with 2/2 Treants. If your enemy has bigger creatures than you, this can even up the odds a bit, or combo well with a Starfall.

Reincarnate Hearthstone Card

Reincarnate is a Shaman spell that will destroy a minion, but then resurrect it will full health. For only two mana, it’s a handy way to instantly trigger a Deathrattle or even get rid of pesky buffs on an enemy minion.

Shade of Naxxramas Hearthstone Card

Shade of Naxxramas is a three mana card which has two attack and two health. It also has Stealth, and gains +1/+1 at the start of your turn. This thing could get pretty big if left untouched.

Sludge Belcher Hearthstone Card

The Sludge Belcher is a five mana three attack and five health Taunt minion. It’s effectiveness persists after death, where it summons a 1 / 2 Slime with Taunt to continue protecting your other minions. Brilliant to stop rush decks in their tracks.

Spectral Knight Hearthstone Card

Spectral Knight is my favourite card of the set. It’s a five mana four attack and six health minon that can’t be targeted by spells or Hero powers. The only way your opponent is going to remove him is by throwing minions at him, untargeted random cards or board clears. Very strong indeed.

Stalagg Hearthstone Card

Stalagg is paired with the other legendary card Feugen. He has an impressive seven attack and four health for only five mana. His usefulness doesn’t stop there: if both Stalagg and Feugen die in the game, they summon Thaddius. More on him below.

Stoneskin Gargoyle Hearthstone Card

The Stoneskin Gargoyle is a three mana minion with a puny one attack and respectable four health. The unique feature is that it regenerates its health at the start of your turn, making him tough to take down. Buff him with more health and damage, plus the Taunt ability and your opponent will have a tough time breaking your defenses.

Thaddius Hearthstone Card

Thaddius is a gigantic minion, rocking a huge eleven attack and health. While not an actual card you can play, he can only be summoned if both Feugen and Stalagg have died during the game, but he can be a game ender if allowed to retaliate against your opponent.

The Undertaker Hearthstone Card

The Undertaker is a relatively cheap card at one mana, and also weak to boot with a measly one attack and two health. The kicker is that he grows stronger (+1/+1) with every minion you summon which has Deathrattle (an affix which does something when the minion dies).

Unstable Ghoul Hearthstone Card

Unstable Ghoul is a two mana minion with one attack and three health. It’s got Taunt, and also deals one damage to all minions when he dies. Unless he’s Silenced, it’s pretty much an inevitable time bomb.

Voidcaller Hearthstone Card

The Voidcaller is a Warlock card. It’s a four mana minion that has three attack and four health. When it dies, it’ll put a Demon from your hand onto the battlefield. You can use him to accelerate your board presence by getting something big and meaty down early in the game.

Wailing Soul Hearthstone Card

Wailing Soul is an interesting card. For four mana you get a three attack and four health minion. It also has a Battlecry that Silences your other minions. Why would you want to Silence your minions you say? Well if they’re Frozen or have any other unwanted debuffs, you can remove them. It’s definitely more useful than you think.

Webspinner Hearthstone Card

The Webspinner is a Hunter card. It’s really cheap: only one mana for a one attack and one health minion. When it dies however, it’ll draw a random Beast card. Really handy for those Beast decks.

Zombie Chow Hearthstone Card

Our final card is the Zombie Chow. One mana for a two attack and three health minion, that will also restore five health to the enemy hero on death. Don’t use it, it’s bad.