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Heroes of the Storm fans are determined to keep it alive

Blizzard has confirmed that no new content will be coming to their MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, but one HoTS fan has devised a clever way to keep the game fresh

Heroes of the Storm Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft WoW Dragonflight stands against summer background

Blizzard has confirmed that their once-popular MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, will not be receiving any new content – but that hasn’t stopped HoTS players from trying to save it.

While on paper Heroes of the Storm sounded like the perfect way to blend all of Blizzard’s sprawling virtual universes together, the game didn’t quite establish itself as one of the world’s best MOBAs, paling against the likes of League of Legends or Dota 2 and quickly falling into obscurity.

As the wait between updates grew exponentially, many were quick to assume that the devs were looking close the HoTS book for good – and they were right. Announcing in their July 8 blog that “there are no plans for new for-purchase content to be added,” the game’s lifecycle if officially at an end.

While fans have been quick to lament Blizzard’s announcement, the plus is that the servers will remain active and that bug fixes will be implemented to ensure players can always dive back in. To sate the hunger for new content, one player has suggested that the devs rerun old events, bringing them out of retirement to keep the game alive.

“Since we’re not getting anything new, could we get recycled brawls and event quests (like the toys one) please?” they ask. “I watched a lot of the epic old brawls HoTS had and I would love play it for the first time… They already have the codes (I think), so it wouldn’t be so hard for them to put it in rotation for us.”

Since we’re not getting anything new, could we get recycled bawls and event quests (like the toys one) please? from heroesofthestorm

“Reusing previous events is a good idea,” reads one response.” It’s nostalgic for the old players and it will feel like new content for the new players.”

Another urges Blizzard to resurrect the “‘Haunted Mines’ map” as “it’s not in rotation, but it is available in custom games.”

As the curtains close on Heroes of the Storm and the tempest is tempered, it’s the end of an era for a lot of players. Hopefully Blizzard do decide to reintroduce old content to breathe some fresh (yet familiar) air into their MOBA, but only time will tell.