Dark Nexus comes to Heroes of the Storm tomorrow

Heroes of the Storm Dark Nexus

Heroes of the Storm’s next major content drop, Dark Nexus, goes live tomorrow. The drop, which brings new skins for Alarak and Gul’dan, also features a new canon comic based on HotS lore.

 Heroes of the Storm’s latest hero is Deckard Cain – stay awhile and listen…

Blizzard say that the while the content drop, which features new mounts and a loading screen as well as the new skins, is similar in style to previous releases (like the Mecha drop, for example). However, this time around, the team has made a more concerted effort to tie the new content into the lore of the game as a whole.

With that in mind, as well as the new skins, there’s a brand-new comic, Rise of the Raven Lord. The story revolves around the Raven Lord, who has seen visions of an encroaching terror at the furthest reaches of the Nexus. In order to combat the oncoming danger, he breaks his long-held oath to summon forth forces from the Dark Nexus that will help him in the war to come.

Those forces take the form of Alarak and Gul’dan, and the comic makes it clear there’ll be more to come in future. The drop is intended to mark a change in the way storytelling around Heroes of the Storm works; instead of relying of the lore of individual characters, stories will instead begin to stem from the Nexus itself, and the tales surrounding it. You can take a look at the first two pages of the comic, as well as the cover, below.

Rise of the Raven Lord

Rise of the Raven Lord

Rise of the Raven Lord

The Dark Nexus patch will drop tomorrow, May 1 for NA, and the day after, May 2 for EU.