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Heroes of the Storm goes global, players can now switch server regions

Heroes of the Storm Global Play

Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm has hit Open Beta testing, and with that milestone comes a few little adjustments. Global Play is one of those. Now if you want to play on American, European, or Asian servers, you can! The choice is completely yours. 

Heroes of the Storm is out NOW! Check our Heroes of the Storm Guide

Global Play does come with a few conditions. Whilst you can freely hop from one to another using Battle.net or the main menu of Heroes of the Storm, swapping server regions means leaving all your progress behind. Whilst your account will work on every region, your heroes, money, friends, and rewards are left behind on your ‘home’ server. Similarly, if you buy or unlock things on a different server, when you return back ‘home’ you can’t take that progression with you.

When would you want to use Global Play then? Well if your region’s servers are undergoing maintenance, you could always hop over to a different server to keep playing. But this will be more to scratch the HotS itch, rather than make any meaningful progress. Still, better that than no HotS at all!

Full details on Global Play can be found at the Heroes of the Storm blog.