The best Heroes of the Storm heroes for beginners

Looking for the best Heroes of the Storm heroes? Heroes of the Storm is a online strategy game for everyone. I think everyone should play it. In this guide we’ll explain the game and share the best Heroes of the Storm builds and characters.

What is Heroes of the Storm?

Blizzard describe the game as a "hero brawler". The goal is simple: two teams of five players take control of powerful and legendary heroes. Their job is to destroy the opponents core - a huge fortified building deep within their base. Your characters are heroes from the worlds of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and more.

Heroes of Storm is a MOBA, similar to League of Legends and DOTA 2. MOBAs have a fearsome reputation. They come witih a steep learning curve and occasionally toxic communities. The good news is that Heroes is easier to learn, and generally, a more agreeable place to play. Unlike other MOBAs, there’s no gold or the purchasing of items in order to progress your hero. Experience gained is shared across the entire team, which accumulate in order to unlock talents. It’s these talents which help you shape your hero by upgrading abilities, or being given new ones altogether. This way, your hero can be moulded to adapt to the situation at hand. Check the Heroes of the Storm trailer...

PCGamesN want to help: we know games like Heroes of the Storm can be difficult to learn, particularly if you’re new to the genre. So here are the heroes you’re best sticking with when you first start playing.

Before we get to the heroes, we want to break down the terminology we’ll be using, and what you’ll come across as you play.

So lets start with the basics. 

What are heroes?

A hero is a player controlled unit which represents a mixture of unique abilities and roles. Players use these heroes to traverse the map, killing NPC units and enemy players, and complete special objectives determined depending on which map they’re playing on. Over time, and with minion kills, both teams of heroes will increase in level, allowing the upgrading of their abilities via the Talent system.

What are Heroes of the Storm roles?

Every hero in Heroes of the Storm is adept at fulfilling a specific aspect of the game, whether that’s killing enemy heroes, or destroying enemy structures etc. Saying that, it’s not impossible for heroes to branch out into two or maybe three different roles, depending on how they pick their talents while leveling up. This is one of the big strengths of Heroes of the Storm - you pick and design your role during the game, in response to what is most needed.

There are four Heroes of the Storm roles….

Warrior: these heroes are the toughest to take down, demonstrating great strength and survivability. They usually come packed with abilities that can help initiate (start) and control fights, while also keeping their own hitpoints topped off.

Assassin: much more squishier than their Warrior counterparts, Assassins excel at dealing a disgustingly high amount of damage in a very short period of time. You’ll often find these guys roaming the map, looking for pick-offs. Some of them are invisible. No, life isn’t always fair. 

Support: these heroes keep your team alive and well through the aid of healing and shielding. It’s there job to save your allies from the clutches of those pesky Assassins, but they can also pack a punch of their own when cornered.

Specialist: heroes that either don’t have a defined role, or one that is very unique, are dubbed as Specialists. At least at the time of writing, a Specialist within Heroes of the Storm most likely possesses the ability to crush down enemy structures at a very rapid rate, if left unchecked.

Heroes of the Storm Talent

What are Heroes of the Storm talents?

Heroes of the Storm is a little different compared to other MOBAs. Instead of earning gold, and buying items to power up your hero, you’ll instead unlock talents. Starting at level one, and recurring at certain intervals during a match, you’ll pick between a selection of talents, that will increase the power of your hero in a certain way. This be a direct upgrade to a certain ability, something passive, or even a new ability altogether. At level ten, all heroes will be able to select one of their two heroic talents - powerful abilities usually appended with a big cooldown.

You may notice that some talents for a hero are locked. This is due to your level with that specific hero. Attaining level two will unlock the use of their second heroic talent, level three unlocks an additional six talents, whereas level 4 will unlock the remaining talents. If you managed to reach player level 25 however, you’ll no longer need to unlock talents for individual heroes.

Listed below are some of the heroes that I consider are easy to grasp, but give you a good idea of how to play each of the roles. Each hero listed comes with a tried and tested talent build for you to equip in your battles.

Best Heroes of the Storm Warriors

HOTS Sonya Talent Build


Hailing from the Diablo universe, Heroes of the Storm hero Sonya is a wandering Barbarian who uses her skills in battle to crush her foes. As a Warrior class, Sonya can demonstrate great survivability through diving into the fray of battle. Instead of using mana, Sonya uses her Fury as a resource to fuel her mighty abilities, which is gained by either dialing or receiving damage. She will also gain 10% movement speed for four seconds when she uses any of her abilities.

Why she’s good?: Sonya (along with Valla and Nazeebo) are all great because of one overarching reason: they play exactly like their Diablo III counterparts. If you’ve played a Barbarian before, Sonya will fit you like a well tailored suit. She’s incredibly strong too - capable of dishing out surprising damage for a Warrior, while being able heal herself up thanks to Whirlwind; perfect for taking Mercenaries.

Why this build?: Sonya packs a punch, able to take on multiple enemy heroes at the same time and survive. Shot of Fury will charge you up with 50 Fury before the fight begins, meaning you can open up an engagement with either Seismic Slam or Whirlwind. Shattered Ground, Aftershock and Furious Blow all power up your Seismic slam to do silly amounts of damage, while reducing its cost for repeat slam-spam. Poisoned Spear will cause your Ancient Spear to deal even more damage, and help finish off fleeing opponents with its handy damage over time effect. 

Wrath of the Berserker makes you nearly unstoppable, while further increasing your damage. Thanks to Shot of Fury, you should be able to upkeep Wrath of Berserker indefinitely, as long as you’re engaging in combat regularly. Picking up Nexus Blades at level 20 will give you a much needed slow to keep enemies within reach of your attacks.

How should I play her?: Be aggressive! Dealing damage and getting hit gives you much needed Fury, which will enable to to slam your opponents into the ground. You can almost play this build in the same mind as Assassin, as you are capable or insane burst damage. Engage a fight with Ancient Spear, so that towards the end of a fight it will be off cooldown to catch up to enemies on the run. After you’ve connected, pop Wrath of the Berserker and start wailing away with auto attacks and Seismic Slam. If you start to take a beating, or you find a load of heroes clumped, you can opt to use Whirlwind. Seismic Slam however is your go-to: at level 20 it deals over 700 damage per it on your primary opponent, and just over 500 to those caught in the splash.

HOTS Muradin Talent Build


This stout but hearty dwarf from the Warcraft franchise, and is never afraid to get his beard dirty in a fight. Muradin is a Warrior class hero who loves to leap into battle, before stunning and slowing his opponents. His enormous health pool, coupled with his passive trait that allows him to quickly regenerate life out of combat, makes him extremely survivable.

Why he’s good?: Muradin encapsulates the mindset of a Dwarf: strong willed, hardy, and ready to leap into battle without a care in the world. His passive makes laning him a breeze: so what if you get harassed down - you’ll regen that life back in no time to the dismay of your opponents (and their diminishing mana pool). His abilities also combo together really well, and more importantly, feel ever so satisfying.

Why this build?: This build increases Muradin’s sustainability so that he can control and dictate the battlefield. Reverberation has huge implications for enemies affected by it - a 50% slow to their attack speed can seriously diminish their offensive. Thirdwind coupled with Stoneform gives you excessive healing in the laning stage, and when you need it most during a teamfight. Healing Static also aids with this when you can hit a lot of minions and heroes with it. And since you’re hard to kill, you’ll be doing a lot of auto attacking, so Skullcracker can easily disrupt enemy channels and movement.

Avatar gives you a huge chunk of health, as well as causing your auto-attacks to stun enemies, which is great for lockdown. When you hit level 20, the ability to reset all your basic cooldowns with Rewind is just too good to pass up: double stun, double slow, double jump.

How should I play him?: Your job is to protect your team by forcing the enemy to engage you, or by soaking damage. Put yourself between your squishy ranged Assassins and Supports, and make it extremely difficult for your enemies to get to them with Thunderclap and Storm Bolt. If the opportunity arises, start wailing on a squishy support of their own, as you do a decent amount of damage that can’t be ignored for long; it’ll also disrupt their casting and put huge amounts of pressure on them. Save your Dwarf Toss to initiate on a group of enemies, save an ally, or even save your own skin if in a pinch; remember, you can cross impassable terrain with it too.

Best Heroes of the Storm Assassins

HOTS Raynor Talent Build


Part of the Starcraft II universe, Raynor is the commander of his own rebellion force, responsible for overthrowing the dictator Mengsk. As an Assassin class, Raynor can output huge amounts of damage in a very short amount of time. What makes Raynor unique to other heroes is his passive trait, which gives him an extra 20% basic attack range, as well as 10% greater vision. This makes him very effective at chasing down enemy heroes who decide to flee instead of fight.

Why he’s good?: Raynor is still a hero that I underestimate to this very day, even with hundreds of hours played. At first glance, he’s pretty squishy for an Assassin, but just when you think you’ve killed him, he pops his Adrenaline Rush and the tables turn. He’s the perfect Assassin to learn the role with, owning a simple yet powerful skill shot. And best of all, he’s cheap as chips to pick up with in-game gold; you’ll own him after only a few hours of play.

Why this build?: Raynor can be played as a straight up DPS archetype, but his ability to recruit minions quickly, and empower them, shouldn’t be ignored. Raiders Recruitment coupled with Mercenary Lord will enable you to captured powered up Bruser and Siege mercenaries at an extremely early point of the game. Focused Attack, Giant Killer and Executioner all boost your damage potential; you should take the latter even without any crowd control of your own, as your allies should be able to provide it.

As for his heroic ability, we’ve opted for Raynor’s Raiders for increased map vision, and another source of steady damage. At level 20, Nexus Frenzy adds to your already high attack speed and range, while also increasing the proc rate of your Focused Attack by a serious amount.

How should I play him?: In the beginning, stay in lane and farm up on minion kills to charge up your Raiders Recruitment. When you’ve got 45 stacks, head over and capture any mercenary camp towards the enemies side of the map. It may be dealt with quickly if the enemy team is competent, but after you’ve attained Mercenary Lord, you can strategically capture camps and punish the enemy when they either die, or are forced to deal with an objective. Everything else is quite simple: use Penetrating Round to nuke down enemies, cast Inspire when surrounding my mercenaries and allies for added push, and be extra careful once your Adrenaline Rush as popped.

HOTS Valla Talent Build


A Demon Hunter from the lands of Diablo III’s Sanctuary, Valla’s job is to hunt down and dispatch anything resembling a demonic entity. As an Assassin class, she can bombard her foes with a flurry of arrows, often overwhelming them. Her trait enables her to gain stacks of Hatred whenever she attacks, up to a maximum of ten. Each stack grants her increased damage and movement speed.

Why she’s good?: I’ve already spoken about the similarities between the Diablo classes and their heroes in Heroes of the Storm, and Valla is no different. Valla hits hard and fast with hero auto-attacks thanks to her Hatred trait, and can quickly catch an enemy by surprise as her damage ramps up. She also has a great escape ability with Vault, giving her an out in sticky situations. 

You might even own her already without even knowing - all Reaper of Souls pre-orders get her for free!

Why this build?: Valla is all about killing enemy heroes - little else. Her Hatred trait paired with Rancor and Manticore makes Valla stick to her enemies like glue as she barrages them with arrows. Grabbing Searing Attacks gives you a huge boost in damage when you need it, at the cost of some extra mana; use this only when you need to, or you might find yourself having to retreat to base for regen. Frost Shot will help proc your Executioner talent, as well as keeping multiple enemies in a fight slowed.

Picking between her heroic abilities is actually quite tough, as they both excel at dishing out tremendous hurt. Unless you’re playing in a team who has better than average communication to set up your Rain of Vengeance, you should usually opt for Strafe to give yourself even better solo killing capabilities. At level 20, Nexus Frenzy is a no-brainer to greatly increase your right-click damage output.

How should I play her?: Feel free to use your Hungering Arrow and Multishot to whittle down enemy minions, but always try to catch enemy heroes in the cast to maximise efficiency. At level 7, you should have enough damage to go on the hunt for pick offs and ganks in other lanes, so start roaming. When using Strafe, always angle it so it hits the squishy heroes in the enemy team; expending it on hardy Warrior heroes is a waste most of the time. Always save Vault to retreat, as using it offensively can often leave you stranded and vulnerable. Lastly, remember to keep your Hatred stacks high: right-click your way to victory!

Best Support role heroes

HOTS Uther Talent Build


Uther is a paladin under the service of Lordaeron, from the Warcraft universe. As leader of the paladin knights, he played a direct role in the upbringing and training of Arthas (later to become the Lich King). As a Support class, Uther can heal and buff his allies, while smiting his enemies with his oversized hammer. His unique trait allows him to persist through death, being able to attack and cast his abilities for ten seconds after he’s bit the dust.

Why he’s good?: Uther is a strong support that can even be of use if your fate deems that you must perish. His heals are potent, but his hard stun with Hammer of Justice can cause havoc in team fights. Divine Storm alone can turn the tide of a battle single handedly. He’s also one of the most tankiest of supports, allowing you to soak up a lot of punishment before going down.

Why this build?: Reach and Boundless Conviction both increase the effectiveness of your heals, which is a useful bonus to any Support. Clairvoyance, Shrink Ray and Benediction will give you three new abilities, that may be overwhelming to juggle at first, but their utility is too good to pass up.

Divine Storm can halt a team fight in its tracks, stunning any enemies caught within it for 1.5 seconds. It’s great at stopping enemy channels, resetting a losing battle, or keeping enemies rooted in place for other ally abilities. This is further improved with Divine Hurricane, which increases the radius by 50% and lowers its cooldown by 20 seconds.

How should I play him?: Uther isn’t your typical squishy Support - he can keep up with even the heartiest of Warriors. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in the fray of battle, hitting enemies with your big hammer. Expend your healing whenever you see fit to do so, and hit important enemies with Hammer of Justice to keep them locked down. In a pinch, pop Benediction to do a back-to-back heal or Hammer of Justice. Clairvoyance will help you spot stealthed units, who can be a nightmare for your less hearty allies. Lastly, Shrink Ray their most dangerous Assassin to take the heart off your team for a while.

HOTS Tassadar Talent Build


Given the title of the “Saviour of the Templar”, Tassadar is a Protoss executor from the Starcraft universe. As a Support class, Tassadar can apply huge shields to his allies, while also zoning out his enemies with area denial. His unique trait is an activatable ability which grants Tassadar a huge increase to his vision, and also can detect cloaked enemy heroes.

Why he’s good?: Tassadar offers a coveted defensive capability with his trait: the ability to spot invisible units, who will initially cause you great pain until you get used to spotting their Predator-like invisible shimmer effect. Shields are another great tool - unlike healing, you can pre-buff your allies before going into battle. Coupled with Dimensional Shift, you’ll be a slippery foe for your enemies to take down.

Why this build?: Overlord and Second Strike allow you to stay out of harms reach, while also increasing the coverage of your Psionic Storms. Reinforce Structure and Calldown: MULE will give your structures the ability to fend off, and then recover from enemy sieges. Dimensional Beam offers a focused single-target slow to allow your Assassins to catch up and dispatch opponents.

By taking Force Wall as your heroic talent, you can manipulate the enemy team to your advantage. Throw in Storm Shield at level 20, and you can increase the survivability of your entire team with a single press of a button.

How should I play him?: Tassadar is all about predicting your enemies movement, and pre-buffing your team with shields. Cast Plasma Shield whenever you get the chance before an engagement. If you’ve got nothing to do, you can always cast it on minions and structures. In a fight, split the enemy team with a well placed Force Wall, before laying up to two Psionic Storms down under the trapped enemies. Don’t forget about your auto-attacks, as they will slow any enemy you hit, so pitch in. If you’re on the receiving end of the enemy teams assault, pop Dimensional Shift and juke your way out danger. You can also use this to dodge many high damage abilities coming your way e.g. Nova’s Triple-tap.

Best specialist role heroes

HOTS Abathur Talent Build


Abathur is the “Evolution Master” of Kerrigan’s swarm within Starcraft II. Forever tweaking the DNA of the zerg to adapt and improve, Abathur is very unique within Heroes of the Storm. As a Specialist class, Abathur, alone, is extremely weak. It’s not until he infests into his fellow allies that his true powers are realised. He can also help passively push a lane with his trait, that spawns a locust at his location every 20 seconds, that will go down the nearest lane and attack enemies.

Why he’s good?: Abathur’s biggest lesson on offer is one of the most valuable in any RTS/MOBA game: map awareness. Because he relies on infesting his allies to use most of his abilities, it will force you to watch the map like a hawk, and make split second decisions based on how events unfold. In the beginning, you’ll want to sit in the safety of your inner base to do this, but as you get more familiar with him, you’ll begin to see his potential by placing yourself in riskier situations like hiding in the brush.

Why this build?: This specific build focuses on buffing your allies to make them incredibly hard to kill. Regenerative Microbes, Sustained Carapace and Adrenaline Boost will give your allies not only a huge shield and persistent healing, but a impressive movement speed too. This is also the case with Soma Transference, which gives you a nice burst heal when surrounded by enemy heroes and minions. Finally, Needlespine allows you to more easily hit fleeing enemies with your Stab.

Ultimate Evolution is your heroic talent, and it’s a very special ability. Heroes that you clone get a huge buff to attack damage, ability power and movement speed - perfect to use on right-click Assassin folk. While it’s tempting to further this ability with Evolutionary Link at level 20, the Hivemind talent doubles the throughput of your Symbiote abilities, which we’ve invested many of our talents in.

How should I play him?: Early game should be devoted to harassing enemy heroes with your Symbiote Stab and Spike Burst, but you should be keeping your eyes on the mini-map. As soon as you get a whiff of an engagement, jump into a hero at the scene of the fight and help them out: Carapace to top them off, and use your offensive abilities to make opponents think twice about chasing. Work together with your Assassins to coordinate a strike on an out of position foe. When using your ultimate, always pick your highest damage ally to use it on; using it on a Warrior and Support wastes the damage amplification; it may be justified if you need to make use of a certain ability however.

Just remember this mantra: always have one eye on the map.

HOTS Nazeebo Talent Build


A Witch Doctor from the Diablo III universe, Nazeebo dabbles in the dark arts to combat his foes. As a Specialist class, Nazeebo is extremely efficient at strengthening his minions and mercenaries, and also assaulting the enemies base defenses. His unique trait allows him to apply a short poison on any enemy he attacks. Additionally, if the enemy dies while under the influence of the poison, it will return health and mana back to Nazeebo, sustaining his assaults.

Why he’s good?: Nazeebo is so versatile, I don’t know where to begin. Left to his own devices, he can have a lane of structures down before the enemy knows what hit them. Similarly, he can cause havoc for the enemy team in a fight: trapping a group of enemies inside your Zombie Wall before casting Gargantuan to rise from the ground and devour them. His passive also means you can keep up the pressure to no avail.

Why this build?: A Witch Doctor is best known for summoning all sorts of dark entities to wreak havoc on their enemies, and this build does exactly that. Spider Cluster doubles the amount of spiders you summon, while Leaping Spiders gives them a gap closer and a small boost in damage. Fresh Corpse increases the damage of your zombies by 50%, which comes in handy when combined with Dead Rush, which causes five of your zombies to uproot from the wall and attack nearby enemies and structures. Death Ritual is taken early to give your health and mana good scaling as you progress into the late game, sustaining your high ability usage.

The chosen heroic talent is Gargantuan, which offers a great source of burst damage to both structures and enemy heroes. It’s further improved with the level 20 talent Humongoid, which removes its timed duration and doubles its damage against minions, mercenaries and structures.

How should I play him?: Pick a lane and set your sights on its inner keep. You’ll favour a more split-push playstyle than one of direct team fights, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore map objectives if needed. Use your Plague of Toads to clear out minions, and feed yourself health and mana due to your passive trait. If there’s a hero in your way, you can try and catch them inside your Zombie Wall, and if successful, throw in some Corpse Spiders to keep them busy. If you find yourself against structures without any opposition, throw in all the abilities in your arsenal to whittle them down. If you think you can secure a keep, don’t be afraid to summon your Gargantuan too. Remember, while you may not be with the team all the time, you will be granting yourself and your allies huge xp bonuses by destroying the enemies base. An advantage that shouldn’t be overlooked.

That’s it!

For more Heroes of the Storm news and guides check our Heroes of the Storm homepage

Let us know what you think of our hero choices in the comments…

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Fraser Brown avatarDog Pants avatarHairy Potato avatarTsunamiWombat avatar[5punk]Anery avatarWan Yao avatar+1
Dog Pants Avatar
1 Year ago

Valla was my first purchase because she clicked straight away. Same goes for several of my friends. She's flexible and her tactics are fairly apparent. My other instant purchase was Rehgar, who clicked immediately with me as a player of Shaman in World of Warcraft.


It's interesting to hear about the Diablo III characters playing like their counterparts. I've not played it past the demo (sorry, starter edition), but it makes me wonder if it's a good idea to start with a character you're familiar with from other games.

Fraser Brown Avatar
1 Year ago

I am all about Valla. I didn't "get" her until I started playing as a Demon Hunter in Diablo III. When I started playing her again, things just suddenly clicked.

Hairy Potato Avatar
1 Year ago

I wouldn't put Abathur on the list of chars for beginners. Maybe Azmodan or Zagarra with their easy lane pushing abilities.

[5punk]Anery Avatar
1 Year ago

I couldn't agree more, I've been playing since December and I still can't wrangle an Abathur effectively. Gazlowe or Sylvanas are easier picks for beginners I think.

I'd also replace Sonya with somebody a bit more of a traditional tank, Sonya can get you into trouble real quick, perhaps a Diablo or ETC?

TsunamiWombat Avatar
1 Year ago

Having played this game at two periods during beta, I can sincerly say that it is incredibly... mediocre.

Really, builds? Builds for a game with no items to buy? For what purpose?

Wan Yao Avatar
1 Year ago

Gods forbid it's ***gasp*** it's different. It doesn't have an item shop o r individual, nope. These are elements that make it UNIQUE.

However, people like you would prefer it was just a clone of DOTA or LoL... Making everything identical? How... mediocre.

If you want mechanics like an item shop, last hitting and individual XP, DOTA and League are out there and waiting for you. Stop strive for mediocrity and leave Heroes alone to do its own unique thing.

cpt.fantastic Avatar
9 Months ago

Problem with these guides is that they pop up in google searches but are severely outdated.