Heroes of the Storm: Machines of War is the game’s massive StarCraft-themed update

Heroes of the Storm - Machines of War

Heroes of the Storm got the most love at Blizzard’s Gamescom announcements today. It’s getting a humongous update over the next few months titled Machines of War. This includes a huge amount of StarCraft-focused releases, including a new hero, new skins and maps based around it. To celebrate, they’ve released three – yes, three – trailers showing off everything that’s new.

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First up, here’s the cinematic trailer that gives a brief glimpse at the heavy hitters:

That’s Kerrigan’s new legendary skin, incidentally, which looks swish as hell and only slightly incredibly silly in Ultralisk mode. At least the excellent John de Lancie – or an accurate impersonator – is back to voice Alarak.

At the end there were the new maps, and here’s a more thorough showing off of how they play:

Holdout is all about trying to unleash the Zerg on your opponent (like, spoilers, the Terran campaign in the first StarCraft) and Warhead Junction is all about nukes (like, spoilers, the Nova Covert Ops missions in SC2).

Finally, here’s a full rundown of everything that’s currently in development, including Alarak and Zarya’s abilities and all the new skins and mounts:

Thunder God Zarya. I’ll be needing that in Overwatch sharpish, Kaplan, yeah? A little more over on the official site.