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Heroes of the Storm to introduce new performance-based matchmaking

HOTS 2018

Have you ever been thrown into a Heroes match where it is clear you are absolutely playing with the wrong crowd? Blizzard understand your pain, and their new matchmaking system should make sure you’re paired with the right people. It’s all thanks to new metrics that track your tactics and performance, not just your wins and losses. 

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The new system generates your MMR ranking by analysing both how and who you play. For instance, getting good kills and staying alive as a hero such as Kerrigan isn’t enough to raise your standing; you need to be good at crowd control, the role she’s designed for. Presumably this applies to other roles that Blizzard didn’t offer examples for; healers will need to heal to increase their MMR.

The new system is almost ready to roll; Blizzard hope to implement it at the start of the next ranked season in December. Hopefully this will lead to much better matchmaking and less frustrating teams.