Heroes of the Storm rolls on: Chinese players to test ranked play, draft mode and more

Heroes of the Storm

The Heroes of the Storm technical alpha entered its final phase at the end of September, but Blizzard are “not done yet”. They’ll make a localised client available to Chinese players this Friday, and plan to try out a “host of exciting new features” with their newly bolstered testers before beta.

“The Heroes of the Storm technical alpha is moving into its final phase,” said game director Dustin Browder in a promo video. “I’m now letting you know that we’re ready to widen our testing to China, with a fully-localised client on the Chinese servers.

“We’ve introduced a variety of heroes, battlegrounds and new features throughout technical alpha, but we’re not done yet,” he went on. “We still have a lot more plans in store, and there are more new heroes, announcements and a host of exciting new features ahead.”

Last week, Blizzard slid custom games, observer mode and replays into Heroes of the Storm. The next set of alpha updates will introduce ranked play, a draft mode and improved social systems.

“We’re really looking forward to hearing your feedback once you’ve had hands-on with the game,” finished Browder. “We appreciate your passion for Blizzard games, and it’s time for you to dominate the Nexus.”

Tim and Nick called the Heroes of the Storm alpha a “triumph”. Can any of you lot muster similar fanfare for Blizzard’s fan-service-fuelled MOBA?