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Here are all Maiev’s abilities in Heroes of the Storm

maiev hero spotlight abilities talent

Update, January 26: Blizzard have unveiled Maiev’s abilities in Heroes of the Storm.

As they teased yesterday, Blizzard have now revealed Maiev’s hero spotlight video, running down all the new character’s abilities. She’s built for taking on multiple enemy heroes at once, and will be especially effective against high-mobility enemies, including Genji. You can see a full list of her abilities below.

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  • Trait – Vault of the Wardens
    • Allows Maiev to vault in the air, making her temporarily immune to damage and unable to be hit by AoE attacks.
  • Q – Fan of Knives
    • Maiev throws out knives in a crescent path, hitting all enemies in the targeted area. If she hits two enemy heroes, the ability’s cooldown is drastically reduced.
  • W – Umbral Bind
    • When activated, Maiev’s next basic attack becomes a large cleave. Enemies hit by the attack are tethered to her for a few seconds, with enemies attempting to escape getting instantly pulled toward her.
  • E – Spirit of Vengeance
    • Maiev sends out a shadow in the selected direction, damaging all enemies in the way. The shadow then turns around and moves back to the point where it was cast. At any point while the shadow is moving, Maiev can teleport to its location.
  • R1 – Containment Disc
    • Maiev throws out a glaive, which hits the first enemy hero in its way. She can then activate the ability again to freeze the enemy and remove their vision.
  • R2 – Warden’s Cage
    • A ring of Warden avatars surround Maiev’s location, pushing enemies who try to escape back to the center of the circle.

Original story, January 25:Warcraft’s Maiev Shadowsong has been a rumored addition to Heroes of the Storm for years, and it seems that those rumors are finally about to come true. Maiev’s been confirmed by way of some increasingly obvious Twitter teases, and her hero spotlight video has been announced for release tomorrow.

According to the Battle.net client – log in and you’ll see it – Maiev’s hero spotlight will be shown tomorrow after the first HGC EU match. Until then, you’ll have to be satisfied with the tiny glimpse we’ve got via the HotS Twitter.