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Meat Feast: Blizzard introduces The Butcher, Heroes of the Storm’s new Assassin

Heroes of the Storm Butcher

The name, Butcher, conjures up all sorts of horrible images, particularly when attached to a demon made from the parts of other demons. He’s Frankenstein’s monster without the tragedy; an irredeemable monster. So he fits perfectly into the Assassin role in Heroes of the Storm: a monster who roams the battlefield, tearing up minions and heroes to feed his insatiable appetite. 

Blizzard’s put together a hero spotlight so you can get to know the charming fellow. Take a gander below. 

He’s got everything you want from a murderous assassin: roots, stuns, charges are going to make sure that it will be hard to escape him if he’s got his eye on you, and with every kill, he does more damage.

Blizzard offers up some brief strategies for playing as and against Butcher, but you’ll be able to test him out yourself and develop your own when he appears tomorrow.