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Medivh and Sonya reworks, plus police skins, are coming to Heroes of the Storm very soon

Heroes of the Storm Medivh and Sonya Update Art

Hot on the heels of them being mentioned in a recent developer Q&A on the Heroes of the Storm YouTube channel, reworks for two of the game’s characters, Medivh and Sonya, have been shown off in an in-development blogpost and pair of YouTube videos. They’re likely to hit the game’s PTR this or next week, alongside a series of cosmetics for S.T.O.R.M.: Specialized Tactical Operations and Rescure Missions. Basically, a bunch of cops.

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First off, though, the reworks. Both are shown in videos, so here’s the first (larger) rework: Medivh.

The major change here comes to his W ability, Force of Will. Currently, it shields an ally from all damage for a short duration, and has a relatively low cooldown – after the rework, it will have a longer cooldown, and one of the current talents will be brought in to it, reabsorbtion, so it will heal the shielded ally for 20% of the damage absorbed.

Master’s Touch is also going to be made a baseline talent, so it no longer is a talent you have to pick at level 7, and he’s got some more talent changes across the board. Expect full details on that whenever the next PTR patch notes drop. More details on Medivh and Sonya are also in writing, on a separate blog post to the main announcement.

Sonya is more of a talent rework, she’s being given new talents to broaden her horizons and offer more playstyles. The thing players will probably take away is how her W build, which hasn’t been popular in a long time, has got some serious changes to improve it dramatically.

You can also see in the video at the top that there are new skins for Greymane, Lt. Morales, and Johanna. More shots of them can be seen on the Heroes of the Storm site for this update, which includes all the different colours, bundles, and a new mount for the update: the STORM Strider.