More Heroes of the Storm characters are in development, but no more original heroes for now

Don't expect any more Nexus born folks for a while

Qhira joined the Heroes of the Storm roster earlier this month, and followed up Orphea to become the second original character among the lineup of classic faces in the Blizzard multiverse. Don’t expect these Nexus-born heroes to exclusively dominate the future of the game, though – there are plenty of familiar Blizzard coming in the near term.

“The overall response to Qhira has been very positive,” lead game designer Brett Crawford tells us. He adds that “we expected to receive some critical feedback for releasing her over an iconic Hero, but at the end of the day, the team felt it was the right time for Qhira to enter the Nexus.”

With that in mind, Crawford says “we do hear that feedback and understand the passionate players that are patiently waiting for their favorite Hero to find their way to Heroes of the Storm; I promise they won’t be disappointed. We have multiple Heroes in development from your favorite Blizzard games.”

“We can confirm that we currently have Heroes in development from our other games,” game designer Adam Jackson adds, “and we do not have any other Nexus Heroes in development at this time.”

Qhira is currently live in Heroes of the Storm, along with a pretty substantial set of matchmaking changes – you can get a more thorough breakdown of the intent behind those changes directly from Blizzard at that link.