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The Eternal Conflict is leaving Heroes of the Storm and going back to Diablo

Eternal Conflict is ending in Heroes of the Storm

All good things must come to an end, even when they’ve got the word “eternal” in them. Heroes of the Storm’s Diablo-themed event, which introduced two new maps and a slew of heroes, has had its time in the sun and is about to hop back over to Sanctuary, leaving Heroes of the Storm behind. 

Sad times!

On September 8th, you’ll need to jump into Diablo III if you want your fill of treasure goblins, because they’ll be catching a ride back home. We’ve had fun, though, haven’t we? For the last couple of months, it’s been all hellfire and sulphur, with the occasional explosion of gold. But it’s time to move on.

With the gate between the Nexus and Sanctuary closing, quests like “kill 50 treasure goblins” and the ability to add Diablo to your roster for free if you own Diablo III will cease, so you’d better make sure you don’t have unfinished business before next week.

The heroes and maps are staying, of course, along with a few promotions that are sticking around indefinitely, like the portrait border and pennant awarded to Diablo III players who achieve player level 12 or higher in Heroes of the Storm.

With the war ending, now’s the time to start speculating on the next big event. My money’s on a StarCraft update, given that Legacy of the Void is on its way and there’s a serious dearth of sci-fi maps.