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Heroes of the Storm vs. Plants vs. Zombies

Heroes of the Storm PvZ

A new map has been spotted in Heroes of the Storm. It’s yet to be announced by Blizzard, but sleuths discovered references to it in the game client. It’s basically Plants vs. Zombies, but in a Blizzard MOBA. 

Apparently it works like the existing map, Haunted Mines, where players need to kill undead minions to summon the powerful Grave Golem. Only this time, it’s zombies that have to be killed, and a Plant Horror takes the place of the Grave Golem. 

There’s a day and night cycle, and when the zombies start getting up to no good during the evening, they can be slaughtered for the precious seeds they carry. The seeds are key to the map’s objective: summoning the Plant Horror.

Once 100 seeds have been gathered, they can be planted to summon the demonic fauna. Presumably some kind of diabolical fertiliser is involved somewhere. Maybe an infernal hoe, as well.

There’s even an NPC, the Groundskeeper, who does the map voice over.

It certainly sounds like it wears its influence on its sleeve.

While Blizzard is busy with homages, are there any other games you fancy seeing mimicked or lampooned in Heroes of the Storm?

Cheers, Heroes Nexus.