Cryptozoic announce a $100,000 prize pot for their Hex: Shards of Fate tournament

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Cryptozoic’s collectible card game, Hex: Shards of Fate, is spooling up for its first major global tournament. They’ve just announced the tournament, which kicks off later this year, will have a $100,000 prize pot to be split among the winners.

On top of the tournament, the first major PvE arena’s been added to Hex. The Frost Ring Arena is a massive slice of game, challenging players to compete against 20 AI champions and six boss characters.

We’ve been following Hex for more than a year now and the CCG keeps going from strength to strength, offering players a more involved game than its major competitor, Hearthstone.

The Frost Ring Arena is the first part of Hex’s PvE game, something that was promised in its Kickstarter Campaign but has taken more than two years to implement.

“We are incredible happy to present the first taste of the innovation we promised in our very successful Kickstarter campaign,” Cory Jones, CEO of HEX Entertainment, said in a press release. “HEX is a huge leap forward in what digital card gaming can be, with the addition of MMO elements and brand new ways to play a TCG, HEX is unlike anything you have played before.”

The arena is split over four tiers – each constructed of four fights against AI champions and, finally, a boss battle. There’s a pool of 20 champions to be drawn from so replays of the arena will vary each time. With each boss and champion fielding differently specialised decks your deck’s versatility will be tested.

In the arena you can collect special PvE only cards and equipment – giving you access to abilities and combos that aren’t possible in the online modes.

We’re still waiting on firm dates for the Hex tournament but publisher Gameforge says it will be before the end of 2015.

To have a chance to be selected to compete in the world championships you’ll need to start earning qualification points by racking up wins in daily tournaments. Once you’ve ten points you’ll gain automatic admission into the invitational qualifiers. The winners of those events will then be flown out to Cryptozoic’s offices in California where they’ll compete in the finals.

I’m a massive fan of Hex, as you can see from my preview and interview with Hex’s CEO Cory Hudson. I’d highly recommend giving it a shot if you’re a fan of Hearthstone.