We’ve 1,000 Hex closed beta keys burning a hole in our spellbook

Hex closed beta key code cryptozoic

While Hearthstone may have stolen most the PCGN teams’ hearts, I’ve eyes only for Hex. Cryptozoic’s collectible card game is more complex than Hearthstone, offering more scope for surprising strategies and last minute turnarounds than Blizzard’s card game. And it already offers a lot more besides the core game – a fully functioning auction house and 128-man tournaments, for instance, with a full PvE campaign still to come.

All this and Hex is still in closed beta.

I’ve said all this before but, at last, you can see for yourselves what the fuss is all about. We’ve 1,000 codes to giveaway to get instant access to Hex’s closed beta.

I was thoroughly impressed with Hex when I played it back in February and it’s only got better since then. You can already buy and sell cards on the auction house, take part in massive tournaments, and build a deck from a choice of hundreds of cards.

Getting access to the closed beta is simple. Enter your email address in the widget below and then register for an account on Hex’s site and enter the code we email you there.

The code won’t work on Steam so don’t try activating it there.

We’re giving the codes away on a first come first served basis so you best hurry before we run out.