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Hidden Folks Factory update adds three new areas for free

Hidden Folks Factory update

Hidden Folks – the delightful, tactile, digital Where’s Wally – has just been fattened up with the release of a free update. Three new areas are yours to poke and prod, along with a bunch of tweaks and improvements.

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The update theme is factories, so expect lots of machines and thingamabobs and whatchamacallits to muck around with. The first, smallest area will let you get to grips with the new theme and there’s a puzzle area to finish things off, but the headline attraction is the massive factory area itself.

“With 19,475 sprites, 3400 interactive objects, 921 characters, 540 sounds, and 28 targets, the Factory is by far the most complicated area we’ve ever made,” developer Adriaan de Jongh explains. Those are some big numbers!

New languages, more character animations, improved performance, and better ambient sounds are a few of the things added and changed in the update, along with the new areas.

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