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Hideo Kojima teases his “next concept”

The director offers some maddeningly vague hints about his new game

Hideo Kojima’s latest project is upon us – at least on PlayStation 4, we’re still waiting for the Death Stranding PC release date – but it’s already time to start looking forward to the director’s next project. Kojima has already shared a few hints about where he’s going next, and a new tweet offers up even more cryptic hints about what to expect.

“Working on the next concept while no one is in the office,” Kojima says in the tweet, which comes alongside a picture of his desk. The workspace is filled with all sorts of ‘random’ objects that have been clearly put into place to fuel online speculation. I’m not going to pretend I have answers here, but I can at least flail at trying to identify some of these hints.

Don’t put too much stock in the desert image on the desktop – that’s a default macOS wallpaper. Beyond that, there’s a Rotten Tomatoes paperweight, a Sony Walkman, an issue of Wired, a rubber duck, and what looks like a cast of Norman Reedus’ face.

Clearly, the burgeoning strand genre has evolved.

Kojima previously tweeted about plans to make the “scariest horror game,” which would be a pretty natural next step after the death of PT and Silent Hills. The director’s also clearly been interested in open-world games ever since MGSV. But expect a long, long road ahead – complete with plenty of bizarre trailers – before we actually learn what Kojima’s doing next.

Also, remember that time Kojima hung out with Gabe Newell? That was sure fun.