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High Hell has you busting drug rings as a luchador with “an absurdly large gun”

High Hell

If you’ve dreamt of fighting brain-washed chimps as a justice-seeking Mexican wrestler, boy do I have the game for you. Announced by Devolver Digital ahead of PAX West, High Hell is one bonkers take on the first-person shooter.

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Developed by Terri Vellman (the mind behind Heavy Bullets) and with music from Doseone, High Hell has you using “an absurdly large gun” to stop the nefarious deeds of drug cartels, evil corporations, and the odd mad scientist. While this would usually involve doing some deep cover operations, assembling a SWAT team, and carefully scoping out a villain’s hideout, High Hell just has you kicking down the door and shooting anything that moves.

I say kicking down the door – doors in High Hell explode into several pieces when you kick them, giving you quite the dramatic entrance when you drop in on some villains. Just from the announcement trailer, you see our masked hero blowing up a meth lab, taking on a giant killer robot, and burning some ill-gotten gains in a huge furnace.

If this is how the game is introduced I can’t wait to see what High Hell has in its later levels. According to Devolver CFO and totally real person Fork Parker, “the original High Hell pitch just had players kicking down doors and setting fire to bags of cocaine but that would have made for a weird age rating description so we added in a bunch of guns and violence.”

For those interested in fighting crime as a gun-toting luchador, High Hell will be playable at PAX West at Devolver Digital’s booth. Assuming Devolver Digital is not itself raided by a vengeful wrestler hell-bent on delivering red-hot justice from a shotgun barrel, High Hell should launch on Steam and GOG later this year.