Hitman 3 Dartmoor Silent Assassin, Suit Only walkthrough

How to take out your targets without being detected

Agent 47 hiding behind a leather chair

Looking for how to achieve Silent Assassin on Dartmoor? Luckily this challenge doesn’t pose too many issues, but it does mean passing undetected through an area, only wearing Agent 47’s suit.

Like many of the previous games, these challenges need you on your best behaviour, that means using little force, not causing any unnecessary damage, and finishing the level without being found. You need to do all of this while breaking into a grand mansion situated on Dartmoor’s rugged landscape to grab some case files from your target, Carlisle. Remember, you need to hide all the bodies to be rewarded with the Silent Assassin achievement, so as tempting as it may be for easy kills, make sure you remain patient in your approach.

To route is pretty straightforward, but it means avoiding servants roaming the mansion, and guards positioned on the balconies. You also need to stash the bodies as you go, so we’ve covered the best route, hiding places, and how to get in and out quickly. Here’s how to complete the Dartmoor Silent Assassin walkthrough in Hitman 3.

Dartmoor Silent Assassin walkthrough

Steer right of the main gate and around some bushes, you can vault over the wall and then sneak through the foliage all the way up to the car park. There’s an open window ahead that you can sneak up to and hop through – watch out for a patrol.

Agent 47 on a balcony approaching an open window

Once inside follow the corridor all the way to the end and then go right. There should be a pantry on the right side – you need to head to the double doors that lead outside. When you’re outside hop left over the wall, being careful of the nearby servants.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Silent Assassin Suit Only, outside pantry

There’s a pipe you can climb up, which takes you to the first floor. Slip through the first door of the right: Zachery’s room. You can silently takedown the guard on the balcony and hide his body in a nearby wardrobe. There’s also a shortcut on the balcony that you can unlock if you have a crowbar.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Silent Assassin Suit Only, outside Zach's room

Go to the bookshelf and there’s a book you can pull to open a secret passage. There’s an open window you can hop through, then climb up a nearby pipe.

Eavesdrop on the conversation between the two guards and wait for one guard to peel away – you can take both down silently and stash them in the nearby laundry basket. There’s one more guard inside you need to deal with – don’t forget to hide the gun he drops.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Silent Assassin Suit Only, outside Carlisle's office

Now the room is empty, go upstairs and wait for Carlisle to arrive in the room. It’s tempting to shoot the chandelier and kill her, but for a perfect Silent Assassin you need to make sure no bodies are found.

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After a short conversation she’ll head towards a side room – you can subdue the guard who accompanies her as she goes through the door. Hide his body and then wait outside the room until you can see her taking a seat. Now slip in and kill her silently – hide her body in the secret room just beyond her, er, screaming chamber?

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Silent Assassin Suit Only, Carlisle's office

Next up is the case file. Good news, it’s in Carlisle’s office. Head to her desk and press the button that’s on the armrest of her chair. This moves a painting and reveals a nearby safe.

Investigate the safe and it will show you four symbols that relate to objects in the room – find the objects and each one has a number next to it. For me, the code was 1975 and this has been consistent every time I’ve played. If you want to do this run quickly then you can do this part as you wait for Carlisle to come up to her office.

To extract simply follow the same path you took to get to Carlisle’s office.