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Hitman - The Complete First Season brings you 2016’s best bald strangler, collected

Hitman 47 Complete 1st Season

Square Enix were met with a degree of skepticism when they announced that the new Hitman game would be split into multiple episodes. Especially given the broad departure from the series’ roots that was presented in Hitman: Absolution. However, the latest entry into the series has been met with critical acclaim and January 31st will see the disc release of Hitman – The Complete First Season. This compilation edition includes all seven episodes in one package, as well as exclusive digital content in the form of three bonus mission, an original soundtrack and a ‘making of’ documentary.

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Spanning several interesting locations, including a particular highlight which required the snuffing out of a rock star in a luxury hotel in Bangkok, 2016’s Hitman struck a chord with with both long-time fans of the series, as well as newcomers. Ultimately it ended up bagging several ‘Game of the Year’ awards, including one from Giant Bomb.

Hitman also drives the franchise forward with the addition of an Elusive Targets mode which tasked players with finding and eliminating specific people within a limited timeframe. These missions can not be replayed after completion, giving them a sense of urgency and finality. New Elusive Targets have been consistently added since release at a rate of roughly once every two weeks, adding a degree of longevity to what was already a game with a lot of potential for experimentation and a high replay value.

Hitman – The Complete First Season is already available for PC on Steam and can be picked up for £39.99. The disc edition can also be pre-ordered on Amazon for the same price.