Hitman’s sixth elusive target, The Twin, now available

Hitman Elusive Target 6 Twin

Sapienza’s twin target, as announced last week, is now ready to receive you. There’s a new briefing video to go along with it, and if you complete it you’ll move further along the path towards those suit upgrades.

For more messing about in the open world, try one of our favourite sandbox games.

Here’s the briefing. Yes, you still only have one shot at it:

Io are billing this one as the toughest they’ve made yet, in part due to confusion as to who is the target. Plan ahead – or just charge in and see how much chaos you can cause before getting out.

It kicked off about three hours ago, and will be on for 72 hours. That means it ends on Monday at 1pm BST, 5am PDT, time fans. They’ve even made a handy guide to when that is elsewhere.

Our very own Joel, tag-teaming with Phil, already took a shot at it, recorded for your entertainment/pity. Expect that video soon – we promise it’s a good one. As for you, good luck taking him down.