Watch us make an absolute mess of Hitman’s latest Elusive Target mission – it won’t take long

hitman the twin let's play

Right, no – we can explain. Look, they’re identical twins, alright? This one’s difficult. Possibly not as difficult as we make it look, but pretty difficult. Hitman’s sixth Elusive Target mission is now live – you can play it right now if you wish. But why bother with all that, when you can watch us make a complete hash of it instead? 

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The premise of Elusive Target missions is thus: you get one chance to take out one particular target. Kill them in any way you wish, get away with it, and the job’s done. IO love to sling a few complications between you and the feeling of sweaty-browed glory, though.

In this case, those complications are: your target has an identical twin. That identical twin also insists on dressing in the same clothes, even though they’re both grown men. The pair walk around as if inseparable, accompanied by two bodyguards. Bodyguards who also, in a macabre twist, dress the same. How do we navigate those hurdles? Look above for the answer to that.

So… yeah, we messed it up. Have you played this one? Did you manage to complete it? Well done. Let us know how you did it – or console us by sharing your failures.

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