Watch us use a Lethal Weapon to take out Gary Busey in the latest Hitman Elusive Target

hitman gary busey

We’ve just taken on Hitman’s latest Elusive Target, the seventh in a series of one-shot contracts, in an attempt at making up for our embarrassing display in Elusive Target six. Totally Phil’s fault, that one. 

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This time we’re looking for redemption as we attempt to take out Hollywood’s Gary Busey – or at least a weird plasticine version of him – in sunny Sapienza.

With Bodders at the controls, things are immediately looking up and we find the target almost straight away.

I won’t spoil the rest, as you can take a few minutes out and watch it above instead.

How good was that shot, eh? Amazing what a difference it makes when Phil isn’t around to ruin everything.

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